Climate Saviors” by Klaus Ermecke

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Klaus Ermecke with his ‘Rescue from the Climate Saviors‘ provides a telling exposition of the junk science underpinning the so-called greenhouse gas theory. It merits showcasing here for the edification of the increasing number of likeminded scientists now recognising that a paradigm shift, led by Principia Scientific International, is now in full swing.

Klaus Ermecke

If one believes politicians and the media, the world is in danger: the earth is heating up – catastrophe will result – and civilization is the cause! Even school children are frightened and taught that mankind can and must save the climate.

But this message is linked to a hidden agenda. Its purpose is to prepare the citizens for sacrifice: Rescue is possible – maybe – though unfortunately it is awfully expensive!

In spite of the rising burdens imposed on almost all businesses and citizens, few politicians have questioned the “fight against climate change”. Over years, hardly a newspaper challenged the scientific basis of the “greenhouse” dogma. If asked, its proponents referred to a “scientific consensus” regarding “human made climate change”.

Accordingly, dissenting opinions had to be unfounded and were not worth consideration.

The derivation of the “effective temperature of the earth” being -18°C is based on the assumption of a rocky planet without atmosphere and oceans. But, as Gerlich and Tscheuschner demonstrated, the assumptions and the reasoning leading to this result contain several physical and mathematical errors. Consequently, the supposed “natural greenhouse effect” of 33°C is just a lore, not rooted in the laws of physics that apply to the realworld around us.

According to Gerhard Gerlich (fig. 31), Professor for Mathematical Physics at TU Braunschweig and one of the most prominent critics of the CO2 dogma in Germany, there is no hint to anything like a “CO2 greenhouse effect” in any of the classical textbooks on physics and thermodynamics respectively.

In particular, we have noticed that in many research areas the leading scientists forcefully reject the inclusion of their respective topics into the CO2 greenhouse dogma. So Prof. William M. Gray, a meteorologist and the best known expert in the field of tropical storms and hurricanes, states: “Global warming is a hoax”. The leading expert in sea level research, Stockholm geologist Nils-Axel Mörner, calls the claims about dramatically rising sea levels “The greatest lie ever told”, and Polish environmental scientist and expert in analysis of glacial and polar ice, Prof. Dr. Zbigniew Jaworowski, titled one of his papers “CO2: The Greatest Scientific Scandal of Our Time”.

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