On this site we will try to get the truth on global warming.

Humans are a carbon based life form.
Animals, plants, anything living or growing on this planet is based on carbon.

When a tree grows it takes carbon from the air during the photosynthesis. It takes the carbon (c) from carbon dioxide (co2) and releases oxygen (o2) to the air.


Without co2 in the air there wouldn’t be any life on earth as we know it.
Despite that co2 is a very important part of our lifecycle, the majority of media, scientists and politicians tend to talk about it as it was toxic and a threat to mankind.

All over the world taxes are introduced on anything that might be suspected to release the least amount of co2. It’s only a matter of time before there’s introduced a fee on breathing.

All kinds of lavish projects are planned or commenced to capture and store co2. This is what’s required with radioactive waste, not with a gas we all are totally dependent.

The whole cilmate debate so far is like driving your car. When the speedometer shows 30, the car is moving. As it turns 50, the car goes faster. From this you can conclude that because the needle on the speedometer moves, the speed of the car increases. In reality the needle moves because the speed of the car increases.

It’s about time for a reality check!

We will try to show you that co2 is the indicator, and not the cause, of global warming.

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