Obama to UN climate negotiation

Remember when Obama told Russian President Medvedev, “this is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility”? We fear he told climate campaigners the exact same thing.

This is dangerous.

After a campaign of near complete climate silence, America’s newly elected President vowed on election night that he wants “our children to live in an America that isn’t threatened by the destructive power of a warming planet.” President Obama’s reelection, leaving him free from ever facing the voters again, has breathed new life into the global warming movement.


Climate campaigners, researchers and those seeking to cash in on billions in climate tax dollars and carbon trading schemes have been trying desperately to jump start talks on a successor to the expiring Kyoto protocol since the failure of COP 15 in Copenhagen. Will their worst wishes come true at last?

Will President Obama listen to Al Gore and position the United States solidly behind a new UN climate treaty?

The economies of the world are still reeling.

Locking billions, indeed trillions of dollars into global warming policies which will have no meaningful effect on the climate is economic suicide.

Yet this is the Obama administration which famously told us “you never let a serious crisis go to waste.” For them a crisis is for exploiting, not solving.

The Kyoto protocol expires in just over a month leaving all sorts of climate schemes in the lurch.

There’s HUGE money at stake.

Carbon traders have lined up to sock away billions in bonuses and commissions for trading in a phony market. The European carbon trading system is on the verge of collapse, leaving would-be carbon traders and bureaucrats scrambling to guarantee funding. They will not give up their dreams of wealth without a fight. Neither will those cashing in on alternative energy scams, research grants and handouts to the dictators of the developing world.

In addition, the $30 billion pledge of aid to the developing world made in Copenhagen three years ago also expires in 2012. This was a major topic at the just concluded preliminary talks in Bangkok. Renewing and expanding what the UN calls “climate finance” will be front and center in Doha. This poses a three-fold threat, these large sums serve to buy the support of developing nations, the funds make the developing nations and their elites dependent and of course the funds are a wasteful drain on the taxpayers of the developed world.

The UN is taking no chances. It is simultaneously working towards a new international treaty, while hedging its bets through achieving many of its principle (and most destructive) goals through side agreements, massive funding and national policy making.


The one thing we have going for us is the likely inability of a climate treaty to achieve ratification in the Senate — but will this constrain Obama? The answer seems a clear NO.

President Obama’s EPA already has crippling regulations lined up and ready to go to give the UN’s climate campaigners by administrative fiat what they could not achieve through the open legislative process. The main threat is that Obama will cut side deals and agreements in Qatar and then bypass Congress and its vexing checks, balances and democratic process.

Is there any limit to this President’s renewed hubris?

Would he, could he dare to use this Qatar conference to set the stage to bind the United States to full blown UN climate treaty and then use brinksmanship to push it through this Senate or the next?

A world in the grips of the fiercest economic crisis since the 1930s can not afford it. We must not permit Qatar to be the wellspring of new treaties, agreements, taxes, carbon markets or redistribution. Recovery for the United States and the world depends on stopping these bureaucrats and profiteers cold.

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